Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving! And great gatsby party update

L. was so excited about the Great Gatsby movie that is showing in theaters now (apparently, she has been waiting for the movie for the past 1.5 years) that she and ZA decided to hold a 1920's dinner party. Yay!

As always, they were very gracious hosts, and it was quite an eventful night. We saw blood, we had some broken glass and we broke her clock by the end of the night, but it was so fun!

I had a hangover that lasted two days till Monday. Sigh. Please refer to my "turning 30 post" here if you want  to hear me lament about what happens when you get old.

I blame it on Luyi's over-generous pouring of champagne bottles and bullying us to finish our glasses. And us drinking whisky and bloody mary's on the side. 

Anyway, pictures from the party!

 I know, we don't have our shoes on, but try to picture us all in heels!

 I need to give a special mention to the yummy crab tomato pasta that Luyi made. So good, and the dried pasta tasted like fresh pasta. Yum!

ZA was the other instigator about making all of us drunk, as you can tell. 

Haven't been doing anything much exciting, because I am leaving for Europe tonight! Yayayayayaa!!!

It's been a while since I could whip out my winter coat, so I am uber excited. And my boots. Although, I could only bring one pair because I have decided I am not checking in any luggage, given the lack of efficiency in European airports in general. 

My bags waiting for me to go home now to retrieve them and head to the airport!
Obviously I did my due dilligence, and researched on all the good restaurants (I could prolly publish as a book, it's quite thick), with maps of the restaurants as well. I am quite proud of myself. Being the Singaporean, I have also tried all means to secure reservations everywhere I am going. 

Anyway I am off. Nicole shall hold the fort for the next two weeks. Yay!


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